setembro 21, 2016

Calming A Meltdown Can Be Frustratingly Difficult. Have You Tried This Method?

Calming a child during a meltdown can be so stressful. There are different methods you can use, and Will’s parents have found success using a swing. At the time they posted their video, it was the only way they could calm him during a meltdown.

According to their YouTube page, his parents explain that, “at first we try holding him tight — this gives him deep pressure and doesn’t hurt him. If we were to let go he would hit himself, bang his head on the ground, pull at his hair, bite himself etc etc. If he’s too deep into a meltdown, swinging him in an enclosed swing helps him calm down and his emotions to regulate.”

Watch the video to see Will transition from screaming and crying, to swinging calmly. (The sound throughout is quite loud due to Will’s meltdown. They start to head outside around the 3:00 mark, and there are some very raucous birds out there, so adjust your volume as needed!)

What methods do you use to help calm your child? Do you own a swing?